Get Ready to become a beast with Wolf and Dog Dildos

Do you have canine fetish? Have you often wondered how would it be like to have sex with a canine? Now, there is nothing wrong or abnormal in that. We are all animals out here. So, it’s not uncommon that humans too might wish to get naughty with canines. But that doesn’t mean you would always have to get a real animal here. The good thing is today you have the wolf and dog dildos that will be great to sweep you to the erotic land of canine sex.

The knot factor

If you think that human dildos and canine dildos are the same thing- well, my dear, you are absolutely wrong. In fact, a lot of uninitiated users believe that human dildos and canine dildos are the same. You might even be wondering that when you already have a human dildo what the use of getting a canine dildo is. Now, the fact is a canine dildo is different from a human dildo. The basic look is more or less same but there is one big differentiator- the knot factor.

A canine penis features a knot-like muscle structure located at end of shaft, near the base. In anatomical terms, the knot is known as “bulbus glandis” which locks male penis right inside vagina to avoid withdrawal of the penis during ejaculation.…