Get Ready to become a beast with Wolf and Dog Dildos

Do you have canine fetish? Have you often wondered how would it be like to have sex with a canine? Now, there is nothing wrong or abnormal in that. We are all animals out here. So, it’s not uncommon that humans too might wish to get naughty with canines. But that doesn’t mean you would always have to get a real animal here. The good thing is today you have the wolf and dog dildos that will be great to sweep you to the erotic land of canine sex.

The knot factor

If you think that human dildos and canine dildos are the same thing- well, my dear, you are absolutely wrong. In fact, a lot of uninitiated users believe that human dildos and canine dildos are the same. You might even be wondering that when you already have a human dildo what the use of getting a canine dildo is. Now, the fact is a canine dildo is different from a human dildo. The basic look is more or less same but there is one big differentiator- the knot factor.

A canine penis features a knot-like muscle structure located at end of shaft, near the base. In anatomical terms, the knot is known as “bulbus glandis” which locks male penis right inside vagina to avoid withdrawal of the penis during ejaculation. The knot-structure tends to swell up before ejaculation which helps it to stay stuck inside the vagina for a long period of time and stimulate the female to the T. A canine dildo features the same knot-like design just as a real canine penis.

So, what’s so great about canine dildos and how are these pieces more amazing than human dildos? Well, to put it simply, a canine dildo promises unparallel stimulation that is not possible with regular human dildo. The knot design on a wolf or dog dildo is easily insertable to ensure more pleasure for the users. In other words, if you are a sucker for more or “extra” pleasure, a dog or wolf dildo would be your answer.

Top wolf and dog dildos for you

You must be curious by now to try out a solid wolf or dog dildo in your intimate sessions. Well, given the popularity of canine dildos, there are plenty of such toys around but then not all would be equally great for you. Here is a brief on some of the best wolf and dog dildos for you.

Romi Animal 7.3” Wolf Dildo

This pitch black wolf dildo will make you go weak in the knees right from the first look only. Its realistic appearance and veiny details will regale with amazing stimulation and you will never be able to have enough of its 7.3” insertable length. This dildo is good for those who are accustomed to using medium to large sized dildos. Mention must be made of the toy’s G-spot head which is strategically designed to enamor you with titillating G-spot play.

ODC Signature Royal Hound dog dildo

If you are all in for a truly realistic dog toy with the perfect knot structure, you can never go wrong with Royal Hound by ODC Signature. Thanks to its innate knotted structure, the dildo promises extreme stimulation which is anyday more powerful compared to regular human dildos. It comes with a powerful 7.5” insertable length which speaks of sultry long intimate moments. Besides, the toy is made from silicone which makes it comfortable and also body-safe.

Kadahr Inflatable canine dildo

This dog dildo will be especially great for new dildo users who can’t use big dildos immediately given lack of experience. The toy is inflatable and folds down to a small size when not inflated. Thus, it is easy to insert even for a first time user. Once it goes inside, you can inflate the toy into a huge size and enjoy the pleasure of large dildos yet without the difficulty of inserting a big dildo. The toy is crafted from clinical-grade silicone which also makes it extremely safe for usage.

Werewolf Dildo

This werewolf dildo is especially for those who prefer something unique in their intimate moments. Its pointed tip speaks of easy insertion and so does its smooth shaft. Its knot design further assures intense stimulation like no other. The toy is made from high-grad silicone.

Tips to use a wolf or dog dildo

It’s to stress here a canine dildo is always more powerful compared to a regular human dildo. It’s a great thing no doubt for added pleasure but these toys could be hurtful if you don’t use them right. There are some basic tips to remember to ensure a safe usage of canine dildos.

Be careful of the size

A wolf and dog dildo could get thicker at the shaft given the knot structure. Thus, if you choose a size too big for yourself, you will only get hurt. So, its better you start with a small size. Even if you have progressed to medium level with human dildos, you must start small when it’s a dog or wolf dildo. Some of these toys come in sets with dildos in 3 progressive sizes. These sets are a good investment if you are serious about indulging in your canine fetishes to the T.

Be careful of the material

Along with the size, you should be particular about the material of the toy as well, especially when it’s your first time. It’s smarter to go with a material that will be soft on your delicate vaginal skin and silicone would make a fantastic choice here. Also, silicone is hypoallergenic, body-safe and easier to clean.

You should lube up

As dog or wolf dildos are mighty structures, they could cause friction while getting inside the vagina. If you don’t take precautions to avoid friction, the entire thing could be extremely painful. Thus, you should make sure to lube up properly before inserting the toy inside. Choose a lube that’s compatible with the dildo material. If you are using a silicone toy, don’t use a silicone lube. Choose a water-based option instead. Apply lube generously on both the dildo and the vaginal passage to ensure a smooth friction-less entry of the dildo and euphoric stimulation.

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