Weird Sex Acts You May Want to Try Tonight

Everybody is different and that means everyone likes sex in their own way. Some people just prefer a little weird sex when they do the deed.
When it comes to sex, pretty much anything goes nowadays—as long as it’s legal. People find new and creative ways to have weird sex people 50 years ago would never have even thought up.

The truth? There’s more to sex than just finding the other person attractive. You have to work hard in your relationship to bring something new and exciting to the table if you want to maintain a healthy life with your partner.

The importance of having sex your way

There will always be people there to judge you when you talk about the type of sex you like to have—especially if it’s something society would consider “weird.” Nevertheless, you should be able to have sex in any way you damn well please!

Your sex life links to your health and your overall happiness in life. If you’re not getting what you want out of it, you’re going to feel off and even somewhat unhappy. For your own health and well-being, strive to have sex the way you want to! No matter how weird people consider it to be.

Ways people have weird sex that you might want to try

People everywhere have sex in some of the strangest ways you might want to take note of. They may seem weird on the outside. But they might actually be genius sex hacks we all have yet to try.

If you’re looking to spice up your sex life and try something new, you might benefit from learning about these ways people engage in weird sex. Who knows, some of these ways might end up being the only way you ever have sex again.

#1 Fetishes. There are so many different fetishes out there. And so many ways to incorporate them into sex and considered weird purely because of the fetish you have. While not all fetishes are weird and crazy, some are so far gone it’s hard to understand this is normal for them.

Involving your fetishes in sex pleasures in ways you’d never know otherwise. Some people with balloon fetishes ask their partner blow up balloons and rub them all over them while having sex. Sure, this is weird sex. But if you’ve never tried involving your fetish into sex, you should.

#2 The ballcuzi. You all know what a Jacuzzi is, right? It’s a nice warm bath type thing filled with jets shooting bubbles out, massaging you. Well, the ballcuzi is something which is gaining popularity, although it is a super weird sex act.

The ballcuzi involves the guy taking his balls and dipping them into a very warm liquid—hot cocoa, tea, just water, etc.—and then their partner blow bubbles into the liquid with a straw. It creates a kind of massaging/tickling sensation that they love—no matter how weird it is.

#3 The supernova. No, this isn’t a cool, futuristic way to have sex in space suits or something. It’s actually a very weird sex thing people do that makes men question getting a normal blow job ever again.

When someone fills their mouth with Pop Rocks before going down on a guy and giving him a blowjob—that is a supernova. It crackles and pops all over their junk and makes them feel like they’ve got a vibrator or something going down there. Weird? Yes. Should you try it? Maybe with caution.

#4 Extreme role-play. Role playing is a way for couples to let go of their own personal involvement in the sex acts. It remains one of the best ways to spice up your sex life without having to dip into anything that strange.

However, if you take it a step further to extreme role playing, things get weird. This is when you go ALL out with a character—the clothes, attitude, etc.—and you never break during the whole thing. You do and say things that are 100% opposite you, and it gets very weird depending on your story line.

#5 Electric shock foreplay. Believe it or not, this is a thing nowadays. People everywhere actually give themselves or their partner electric shocks in order to get each other in the mood to do the deed. Then they continue to shock them!

Some sex toys are made specifically for this purpose and are safe to use, like electric cock cages with instructions that are easy to follow. Although, it’s still super weird. You clamp them on your nipples, genitals, or anywhere to get turned on. Who knows? This could be your next favorite way to have sex.

#6 Guess what. This is more of a game, if anything. However, it can get really weird if you take it to extreme levels. You blindfold your partner and have them lick different foods/flavors off of your genitals.

Not only is it used for fun, but it also pleasures you while they’re doing it. Couples make wagers on if they get them right or wrong. A seemingly innocent game until you decide if they get it wrong you get to do something crazy to them.

#7 Role reversal. This is definitely something I find to be weird simply because I’ve never really done it before. However, many couples practice role reversal in this seventh weird sex act.

They actually take on each other’s roles completely by even dressing in each other’s clothes. They then do everything they would do to one another as the other. It gets very weird depending on how far you want to take it.

#8 Sex in public… when other people can see. Having sex in public is a kind of fetish many people have. Sometimes they just do it because it’s on their bucket list and think it would be fun.

However, it turns to weird sex when couples do this in public knowing others can see them. They’ll do it on a balcony in the middle of the day or even in the ocean on a busy beach. The fact that other people can witness them gets them off, and it is just weird. Caged cocks publicly displayed also exist. Weird, right?

#9 Group sex parties. These types of parties existed for years and years and years. But they are still considered to be weird sex. The strangeness comes in simply because the idea of having sex is usually kept between two people.

But people participate in group sex parties more and more, because they want to broaden their horizons and try new things—with new people. If you try this, you might find sex in a group isn’t weird for you at all.

#10 Pegging. If you haven’t heard of this weird way to have sex, you’re not alone. Although, it is weird sex, it’s gaining popularity around the world and maybe you should try it.

The girl puts on a strap-on dildo and has sex via the man’s butt hole. This can be extremely pleasing for him even though some women find this to be weird.

People experience sex in all kinds of ways nowadays, and these are just a few of the ways people are having weird sex that you might want to try.